Luminus Gold Project

Luminus Gold owns 100% of 8 mining leases that is comprised of several mine sites within the Mt Haden and Alligator Creek area, including the Zelma deposit. The mining leases are located 28 km south of Mackay, a major centre for the resources industry with excellent infrastructure.

Georgina Basin Phosphate

The Georgina Basin Phosphate mineral assets are located in north-west Queensland, approximately 160 km north-west of Mt Isa, on the western edge of the Georgina Basin, which contains significant reserves of phosphate rock and a highly prospective area for phosphate related mineralisation.

Mt Vista Base Metals

The Mt Vista mineral assets are located 10 km south-east of Collinsville and comprise an exploration area of 275km2.

Mt Isa Base Metals

The Mt Isa mineral assets are located in north-west Queensland within a zone that extends 80 km to the south and 360 km to the north-west respectively of Mt Isa, within Mt Isa Inlier. This region contains several operating mines and represents a highly prospective area for base metal mineralisation.